COVID-19 Data

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Be aware that all percentages are only estimates and will not reflect the entire reality of it.
The infection chance is based on meeting one person, but the more you meet, the higher your risk becomes (see Infection Chance columns).
These numbers will be higher than the actual chance, though, because not all countries report recoveries and we are therefore considering individuals infectious who are already recovered.
The given case fatality rate is based on data reported by medical institutions world-wide, it does not say anything about the fatality if medical care is not available.
Changes are in regards to the previous data point. In countries where the virus is just starting to spread these numbers won't be very accurate.
The data is updated every 15 minutes using the Coronavirus Tracker API v2.

Formulas Used
case fatality rate   = (deaths / infected) * 100
infection chance     = (((infected - deaths) / population) * people met) * 100
change of infections = ((infections current / infections last) - 1) * 100
change of deaths     = ((deaths current / deaths last) - 1) * 100